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Shooting event photography at?the Kerygma Grand Feast religious event at the Alex Theater was?a cool experience. A largely Filipino crowd spent a day of lectures, music and?worship at this historic landmark. Nice vibe and nice people in this old school theater from?1925.

The Kerygma Grand Feast is an annual event that helps individuals to connect with God, self, and others as Minister and vocational speaker?Bo Sanchez was?joined by humorist, songwriter, and educator Jana Stanfield?amongst others to educate and entertain.

All at Lensology love love LOVE the movies, and this place had the feel of movie history everywhere. Many films?had their preview screening at?The Alex, inviting celebrities such as?Alice Faye,?Don Ameche,?Elizabeth Taylor?for?National Velvet?and?Bing Crosby?for?Going My Way.

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