Will I have to pay a deposit? –
Yes. We ask for a 50% non refundable retainer to book your time slot. This is standard practice among photographers so that we have a solid agreement with our client, and we can both rest assured that the job will happen as agreed and as scheduled.


How will I receive my images? –
Generally, we provide an online “proofing gallery” where you can view your images. After sending you this, we invoice for any balance due and download is enabled shortly after.
In some circumstances, the images can be supplied UN-EDITED on a flash drive directly after the event, or uploaded to online galleries in real time. Hard-copy can be supplied via CD/DVD/Flash drive and prints and other memorabilia are available at our online store (extra fees may apply).


How long will my online gallery stay up? –
6 months is the norm here, unless a separate agreement is made.


Will I have to sign an agreement? –
Yes. This is also standard practice and outlines the services and obligations that we will perform for you, and your obligations to assist us in making the shoot everything you need it to be. You can request a copy of our Terms Of Agreement here.


How can I pay Lensology? –
We accept Paypal direct and credit cards via Paypal at this address info@lensology.net. We also accept credit cards via our secure online invoices and booking forms.


How many pages should my photo book have? –
It’s a fact that great photos deserve BIG pages and when designing your albums and photo books, we like to make them not overly cramped. There will be some pages with up to nine or more atmosphere shots, but the impact shots will need a page t themselves, and the real humdingers?….well, we like to do a double page layflat for those. We recommend that around 150-180 images will fit into @ 70-80 pages comfortably and look fabulous! most album type events will generate many more pictures than that, so you’ll need to create a favorites list (see below).


How do I create a favorites list? –
Go to your online gallery for the event….click on the little heart icon at the top of any photo. It’s that simple!