OK…..we love love LOVE the fact that these three total strangers decided to give us these three really sweet reviews over the past two weeks on our Google My Business Page. Problem is that we have no idea who they are, no clue who the photographers are that they reference, and we do not provide any of the services that they refer to.

But hey…..a nice review is a nice review ….right??

WRONG….Not when they give you a four star review, dragging your PERFECT FIVE STAR REVIEW RECORD down a notch.

The Google phone support tech was not authorized to remove the erroneous reviews lol, so we have flagged them and now wait for the reviews to be reviewed….whenever that might be.

So in the mean time, please anyone checking out our Google reviews, please check out our replies to each review and you’ll easily see which ones are genuine to our business.

We really don’t want to take credit for anyone else’s work….ESPECIALLY if it’s four star.

Are there any other hard working professionals, out there having to deal with this on their Google My Business Pages?

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