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Corporate Event Video For IBEW And The LADWP

Lensology was recently contracted to provide a Los Angeles Corporate Event Video for US national giant, IBEW (The International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers) for their Code Of Excellence event alongside The LADWP (Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power) and the Joint Safety Institute.
We filmed Drone footage of the venue at The Hall Of Liberty in LA’s prestigious Forest Lawn and it’s surroundings, followed by presentations from the organizations’ highest ranking executives, and interlaced with IBEW’s own promotional footage.

It was a busy month for us with this client as we also supplied them with LA high volume event printing, our high end photo booth service, step and repeat photography at their press wall and roving photographers at their Holiday Party event in DTLA.

Los Angeles Corporate Photographer

Free Retouch For Lake Tahoe Tourism Saves The Day

Free Retouch For Lake Tahoe Tourism Saves The Day:
Last Saturday saw Lensology providing corporate photography in Los Angeles for The Lake Tahoe Tourist Board. Three locations at The Staples Center, The Pantages Theater and Huntington Beach Pier were covered, and we were briefed to show their branded vehicle and brand ambassadors interacting with the public.
The company hired to do the branded skin on the vehicle for some reason didn’t put the branded skin on the hood or front grille so we decided to help out with a free Premium Retouch.

You can roll your mouse over the ¬†image below to see the difference! We photoshopped the brand wrap around the front of the car, made the snow look more ‘snowy’ and added MORE snow to cover the black hood patches and accented that gorgeous California sunset.

No charge for the Premium Petouch as we wanted to help our client out, and often a client will ask for more images to be retouched, and then everybody’s happy and that’s what we aim for.
The LA public were great fun helping us show off the clients brand around LaLa Land, and Andrew H our new video partner was there to provide LA corporate event video. We can’t wait to see his sizzle reel!